What Breed Fits You Best?

Chris and I have started talking about adding a new addition to the Camillo household. When we moved into the new house in November we realized how much space we have and for the first time in a while, are both in a good place to provide for a baby.  A sweet…cuddly…snuggly…slobbery…four-legged baby that is.  […]

The Magic of Lights

There’s something about lights that makes my heart very very happy.   Maybe it’s the season I associate them with. The magic of the Christmas season filled with so much love and happiness.     Or a glimpse of lingering holiday decorations in February    Maybe it’s the sense of being guided along a walkway towards an […]

Week 7: Chicken Tortellini Soup

Chicken noodle soup is one of my favorite things to make when its cold outside. Whether I’m feeling under the weather or just trying to get warm, its a simple, healthy and delicious meal to make.  To switch things up a little bit I substituted cheese tortellini for the noodles and it was 100% the […]

I went skydiving…

…indoor skydiving!  Are you an adrenaline junky? Do you live off of the feeling of soaring through the air or reaching new heights? I’m not one of those people. I’d rather stay on the ground and watch someone else loop upside down than do it myself. But when my bff Katie turned 30 and she […]

Exploring the Hood- Highlandtown

Three months ago I moved into a new to me neighborhood in Baltimore, Highlandtown. I have always lived within a few blocks from the Inner Harbor and this is about a 10 minute drive. For those not familiar with Highlandtown- its East of Patterson Park and just over Eastern Ave from Canton. It’s quiet, artsy, […]

Tassels, Champagne & Girl Bosses

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! I love this day so much and I hope you all feel extra special today! I started the Valentine’s Day celebrations a little early this year with two events on Saturday that revolved around love.  The day started with the Society of Excellent Women’s February Meet-Up in the Clipper Mill area. […]

The Baltimore Baton Babes

Remember when I talked about bringing The Baltimore Baton back to life?   Well it’s been a little over a month since I started having Baltimore bloggers/social media influencers actively post on the weekends and the account is growing! The Baltimore Baton has gained almost 200 followers in a month and I’m happy to see it’s […]

Week 6: Valentine’s Day Chocolate Fondue

Valentine’s day is Monday! Whether you celebrate by going out to a fancy dinner or eating at home, there’s always room for dessert!  Before my parents gifted Chris’ and I with our own fondue pot, I melted chocolate in my crockpot whenever I wanted it! Its super quick and only takes an hour on low […]

10 Winter Activities in Baltimore

Winter in Baltimore can be rough- we either get a ton of snow dumped on us or just bitterly cold days on end.  But if it’s gonna be cold I want snow!  This season we have lucked out with unusually warm days. Highs in the 40’s and 50’s have been great when I’m walking through […]

The man behind the rat- @idle_phd

*In an effort to stay anonymous I will refer to the artist in this post as his instagram name, @idle_phd.  In May of last year I was browsing through one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @TheBmoreCreatives, when I saw a post about an artist in the area who was creating pieces and dropping them throughout […]