Archives for June 2012

Going Home & Growing Up

It’s a strange feeling being an adult and going home, to the home you grew up in and made memories. The home where bones were broken, parties were had and milestones were made. Although I felt different driving through the streets of Laurel to my parents house, I had an overwhelming sense of calm. This […]

Indy has my heart

Let’s just say…Indy has my heart. I have never fallen in love with a city like this. I am a city girl at heart and love NYC for different reasons than why I love DC or Charlotte, but Indy as a great place to be in the last week.  First let me start by saying […]

Hard Decisions

Sometimes in life you have to wake up, be an adult and make a hard decision no matter how painful it might be. Knowing that something isn’t going the way you want and taking it upon yourself to respect yourself enough to stop it, is hard. I commend anyone who can do it. Recently I […]

I Dare Ya!

What a GREAT WEEKEND! I cannot say it enough, I love living in the city, I love my job, I love my new friends, I love my family <3 Friday was a fun day! Instead of going into the office, we all met at Mothers in Fed Hill (where I live) and had lunch before […]

Making a house a home

I’m starting to feel like I really do live in the city. The first week here I felt like I was on vacation, then I lived in Minnesota for a week and now I’m back. Kelly bought a sofa so we have that in our living room, with a chair, some end tables, a lamp […]


This past week I was in Minnesota for work prepping for my first race with Reed Street Productions and Run For Your Lives. I was nervous to be flying, nervous to be with the people who I had only been working with for four days, nervous to see what kind of physical labor I would […]