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Seasons of Love

What childhood memories do you associate with each season? Summer- My Dad is a teacher so I was very lucky as a child to have him with me all summer long. My Mom always had a flexible job that allowed her to take vacations so I was able to spend a lot of quality time […]

The Sound of Laughter

Describe your favorite sound. Laughter   Whether it is a baby, toddler, or elderly person, I love the sound of laughter. Knowing that the sound comes from happiness and joy in that moment has something to do with it as well. I love distinctive laughs. Those laughs that make you smile at the sound and […]

7th Race!

Tomorrow I leave for Canada to run my 7th race with this company. I cannot believe that Saturday marks my 4th month with RSP and my 7th race. Time as flown by! It’s easy to remember my first few days at the office. I was so incredibly awkward, not sure where I fit in or […]

Common Misconceptions

What do you think people misunderstand about you? I think I am often misunderstood in regards to my outspoken personality and fear of being fake with others. I grew up with parents who spoke to me as an adult and treated me with respect and honesty. However, my parents tried very hard to explain to […]

Blog Topics?

HELP! I have 5 prompts left to go and need new ideas for blog topics. Know of any good websites or have questions you are dying to hear my answers to? Shoot me an email, text me, or respond to this post with your ideas What is your favorite body part? This is an easy […]

5-10-15 years

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10? 15? In 5 years I will be 27 years old. I see myself living outside of the city but most likely in a townhome or nice apartment. I’d like to be in a serious relationship or possibly married at this age. I want to have travelled […]

Childhood Memories

What are three significant memories from your childhood?   1. Europe trip- My entire childhood I begged to go to paris and see the Eiffel tower. I remember telling people that I would go some day and hearing the same response “oh yeah honey, you’ll get there”. No one took me seriously when it involved […]

Mountains vs The City

If you could pick anywhere to live, where would it be? This is a tough question for me to answer because I’m super close with my family and would never want to be too far from them. However, if they were moving to the new town I was heading to, I think I would have […]

Ballerina Dreams

What is the one thing you wish you were great at? I wish more than anything that I was a dancer, a ballerina to be specific. My parents tried to put me in dance lessons when I was younger and I wanted no part of it. Looking back today I wish I had stayed in […]

One weeks worth of posts!

Tuesday August 28, 2012 What are 5 passions you have? 1. Jewelry making- Making jewelry is my absolute favorite thing to do. My ideal afternoon would be sitting at my table with vintage jewelry, new pieces, and letting my imagination run wild. I think of jewelry as pieces of art that people can use to […]