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Whole New World

I remember starting my freshman year of college in 2008 and wanting it to go quickly. I went to college with my best friend and high school sweetheart. I didn’t have any other friends at school and was scared. However, that quickly changed and I wanted college to go on forever. I joined a sorority, […]

The power of a smell

It’s true that a smell can take you back to a single moment in time within seconds. There are a few scents that evoke strong memories. A few of those scents are pine needles, sunscreen and cinnamon.  Pine needles remind me of Trap Pond and the countless camping trips we took as a family over […]

How I Fall in Love

The prompt for today’s post is the age-old question, “how do you know when you are falling in love”. Everyone is different, and every love is different so how can I possibly answer that question? I have been fortunate enough to love three times and although each time has been different, there have been a […]