Time to Get Healthy!

Tuesday- probably my least favorite day of the week. Think about it… Monday, you have an excuse to be a little grumpy. It’s right after the weekend and you’re probably still catching up on sleep. Wednesday is hump day and knowing you are halfway to the weekend makes it a little easier. Thursday means you have one more day..you can do one more day. Friday, well, there is not one person in the office without a huge smile on their face. Tuesday is one day into the week but nothing too exciting to report. 

Oh & the humidity today was insane. So my perfectly straight hair was less than straight when I arrived at work. I’m trying to turn around this funky mood, ASAP!
On a more POSITIVE note. I signed up for the Baltimore Running Festival 5K this morning. I wish I could do the marathon but being realistic, I need to start small. It’s been A WHILE since I’ve done any sort of work out. Sooo I’m joining the band wagon and doing the Couch to 5K Challenge. I’m embarrassed that I am 23 years old and fat skinny. I am not in shape and running is a struggle for me. I have to start somewhere. 
I’ve tried to get into a routine of working out in the past. I’ve bought new workout clothes to get pumped, bought a gym membership (it was close to my old job, now its 25 minutes out of my way), and posted online about my progress. I don’t want to post daily updates on my Facebook or Instagram so keeping myself accountable through my blog is a win-win. It’ll force me to work out and have something to report and also to keep up with my blog! 
So here we go. For the next two months I will keep track of what I eat, eat 3 clean meals a week, record and keep track of my workout progress and will take weekly photos to hopefully show progress over the next couple of months. 
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