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Blogtember: Biggest Fear

TGIF! The weeks seriously feel like they are flying by! Today was the first day it felt like fall more than summer. Linking up with Jenni for today’s Blogtember post. Friday, September 6: A story about a time you were very afraid.   I’ve honestly been dreading this post. Especially, when the day got closer and […]

High Five for Friday

High Five for Friday!  1. The Grand Prix took over Baltimore last weekend! There were some benefits to it, like the fact that my office was mostly shut down since its in the harbor so I was able to work all day Friday and get a lot done. However, the cons heavily outweighed the pros. […]

Why can’t this be EASY?!

I am currently holding back a frustrated high pitch squeal that I can feel forming in my throat. One that you might expect coming from a toddler as they erupt into a tantrum. Yup. That’s what I want to do right now.  I’m not good at something and I want to be, hence my frustration. […]

Dating in the City: Meeting People & Texting Etiquette

As promised here is my blog post on dating. However, after brainstorming and starting the first draft I decided that a more informal and easy to read post made more sense. I am not an expert on dating, these are simply my opinions and while it works for me, it may not work for everyone. […]

Blogtember: Useful Advice

Linking up with Jenni Thursday, September 5: Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

Blogtember- 3 Months Off

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Please take a minute out of your day to pray for my Alma Mater, my sorority sister, and the families of those involved with the tragic incident last night. LIOB <3   Continuing on with Blogtember, I LOVE this blog post! You all know I’m a travel freak and would constantly […]

Blogtember: Where I Come From

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m linking up with Jenni for Blogtember! Each day she has scheduled blog post topics. Sometimes they might be a list, a story, or even just photos. I’m going to try my best to post for each day. I may also do additional posts as I feel like it. September 3, 2013: Describe […]

Hello September…Goodbye August

Hello September…Goodbye August! Linking up with Allison!  Hello short red hair…Goodbye long, grown out blonde hair.    Hello boots…goodbye sandalsHello jeans…goodbye sundressesHello Ravens…goodbye Orioles   Hello apple picking…Goodbye watermelon carving.Hello Virgin FreeFest…Goodbye JT & Jay Z!Hello red pants…Goodbye white pants!  So many fun things are happening this month and then my favorite month of all […]