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Revenge of the Sour Patch Kids

It’s Halloween! A holiday known for costumes, decorations and lots and lots of candy. I have a pretty serious sweet tooth. I love all things sugary and love Halloween for fufilling that craving. However, I stumbled upon this article and may never eat candy again. Here’s another part of the story that I left out- I […]

Book Worm: 5 Must Reads

Hi, I’m Megan and I am a total book worm. I have my Kindle in my bag at all times and will always pull it out even if I have time to read only three pages. I updated my 2013 Bucket List  in August and added the task to read 7 more books. I’ve read 5 […]

I’m obsessed with Nutella & Marley as told by my iPhone

The caption says it all. I asked you all to help me with a fun and random blog post that I wanted to do a repeat of. You picked numbers between 1-750 and I would post whatever photo on my iPhone corresponded with that number. You all chose numbers and shared them with me via […]

Twerk or Treat

How is it already Monday? I feel like I was just sitting at my desk on Friday thinking about the party I would be throwing in 36 hours! This weekend flew by in the blink of an eye and was a good one. My friend Schulz and I threw a joint Halloween Party/Birthday Bash (his […]

Film Friday: Zombie Edition

Welcome to Film Friday! This is the first Link Up hosted by myself and Jenn at Life Begins with J! How it works: 1. Find a video you love from youtube or make your own showing us your life/the people in it/anything at all 2. Post the video and make sure to include the button […]


Happy Thursday everyone! My guilty pleasure: Reality tv specifically the Bravo channel. I have been watching the Real Housewives series since the beginning and desperately miss Kell on Earth and Bethenny Ever After. I am a huge tv person, but I don’t actually watch shows when they air. I usually save one random weekday night […]

The Liebster Award!

It’s hard to believe that the blog I started and forgot about and started up again would reach 5,000 views in 2 1/2 short months. It’s even harder to believe that on Sunday I posted about reaching 5,000 views and today, only 3 days later, I am closing in on 6,000 views. I may just […]

Halloween Link Up: My Favorite Halloween Pins!

Today I’m linking up with Venus Trapped in Mars and Helene in Between! Every girl scours Pinterest for inspiration whether it be for a sorority formal, DIY baby food or wedding favor ideas. Holidays are no different in my opinion, I check out Pinterest first! Below are my favorite pins and ones that inspired my […]

Never Ever Ever LinkUp

This is my first time linking up with A Complete Waste of Makeup for Never Ever Ever. Something new and different is what I need this morning! Never Ever Ever… Will I be the person who sits calmly behind a car that doesn’t move immediately when the light turns green Will I turn down brunch […]

Coffee is a Girls Best Friend

Can you imagine a world without coffee? A world without Starbucks on every corner, fancy lattes,  and that extra bolt of caffeine to get your day started. I don’t want to live in said world. I make coffee every morning at work but I make it in a styrofoam cup. This upsets me for multiple […]