Coffee is a Girls Best Friend


Can you imagine a world without coffee?

A world without Starbucks on every corner, fancy lattes,  and that extra bolt of caffeine to get your day started. I don’t want to live in said world.

I make coffee every morning at work but I make it in a styrofoam cup. This upsets me for multiple reasons.
1) Gross, that I’m using a new cup and THROWING it away each time.
2). I love that I work in a professional office, but I don’t look very professional with a styrofoam cup sitting at my desk and especially when I cart it to a meeting.. yikes.

So I’ve decided it’s time for cute coffee accessories for my work place and home. I’m obsessed with the coffee cups below and am having a tough time narrowing it down to just ONE.

Brittany Garner Designs

Crystal Faye

Grey Skies Blue


Kate Spade

But what about the times that I can sneak away from the office to grab a coffee or when I’m exploring a new city? I want a sleeve that I can use instead of the cardboard ones they offer.

Crochet A La Mae

Take some time and check out the shops I’ve linked to. These ladies are artists and business women. As someone who is attempting to start a small business I appreciate their efforts and want to support them….by buying all of these. Yikes!

Which one do you like best?
Are there other small businesses you support? Share them with us!

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