The Thankful Project: A Book

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Today I am Thankful for… A book

Five People You Meet In Heaven is an incredible book. If you’ve been around these parts for a little while you know how much I love to read. In the past three months I’ve read 8 books. This book is my all time favorite though.

 If you aren’t religious don’t be scared by the word in the title, this book is easily relatable for everyone. The true story behind it is that every person we meet in life has a purpose and is part of a greater plan. I read this book in two days and cried harder than I ever have. But I felt so enlightened and grateful for the people who have crossed my path and led me to the place in life that I am in now.

 Whether they just passed through quickly or have been a part of my story for years upon years, every individual matters.


 I bought this book for my Dad for Fathers Day and wrote one simple message on the inside cover:

 “I hope you are one of my five.”

 Now PLEASE, go pick up the closest copy you can find and throw yourself into the story. You won’t regret it.

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