The Stress of Hosting

Thanksgiving is in two days…my parents will be here tomorrow… and I’m not ready at all.

Seriously, where did November go?! I feel like I was just throwing my Halloween party and now here we are a month later and I’m hosting my first Thanksgiving!

I sat at my desk today with a million thoughts going through my head today.

When would I drive to Michaels to get the place setting?

What dessert should I make?

When was the last time the sheets on the pull out sofa were washed (yeahh that’s happening before anything else).

Where will they park? What will we do for fun?

I felt myself get anxious and immediately decided to squash that. This is the first time my family will be staying in my Baltimore house and the first time we will all be cooking together. I don’t want to lose sight of the true meaning of the holiday season and stress too much to enjoy the company of those around me.

Instead- I made a list of things to accomplish today and things to accomplish tomorrow. There are items on my list that can be done once my family arrives. They won’t think less of me if the bedding is in the dryer when they arrive or if I opt for a different table setting because I can get it a mile away as opposed to driving five miles away. I’ll have plenty of time to host dinner parties with matching plates and serving dishes. At the ripe age of 23 I’m just glad I can offer them real plates as opposed to paper.

None of that matters to my family, they just want to spend time together and catch up.

So I’m going to take a deep breath and peruse some recipe websites for the perfect chocolately dessert that everyone will love.

Do you host Thanksgiving?
What is your favorite thing to make?

**I don’t know about the whole dressing up thing this year…I might be rocking the yoga pants and snuggling on the sofa!

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