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The Thankful Project: The House That Built Me

Today I’m Thankful for…my childhood home Last year I wrote a post with the same title as today’s post, but it was about my relationship with my parents. Today I am thankful for the house and land that  helped me grow. The house with the hardwood floor that I helped put down. The dining room […]

Commuter Gear: Winter Edition

Is it winter already? I don’t know about everywhere else in the states but on the east coast it was FREEZING this week! We went from lovely fall temperatures to mornings where the high was in the 30’s!  Why am I making a huge deal out of the freezing temperatures? Because I walk to work… […]


The Thankful Project: My Brother

I’m Thankful for… My Brother I’m combining today and tomorrows post into one giant post today.  Thursday November 14- A Blessing Friday November 15- An Annoyance  My brother has been both of these at some point in the 23 years that I have known him so I felt it was only fitting to be thankful […]

Thanksgiving Place Settings

Thinking about the fun holidays ahead of us in the next three months fills me with so much happiness I could explode! I love decorating, baking, cooking, wrapping, shopping, and dreaming. I’m just as excited for Christmas as everyone else but I feel like so many people are jumping the gun this year and getting […]

Baltimore Eats: Stuggys in Fed Hill

A couple weekends ago, Steve and I were out enjoying the nightlife in our neighborhood and noticed a new addition next to my favorite late night grub spot. The words Gourmet Hotdogs had me inquiring as to what this new place was like. We agreed to check it out someday and that day was this […]

Weekend Recap: Dogs on Dates

Gooood morning! Mondays are officially my LEAST favorite day of the week. I am struggling today! Here’s a little recap of my weekend: We have had incredible sunsets lately, this one looked like cotton candy clouds On Friday I wore my grandmothers necklace to work- I love that everything has come back into style Steve […]

the last words he wrote

Today I am thankful for….words. 10 years ago my best friend passed away. We were both  13 at the time. No child that young should have to say goodbye to their best friend. Today I am thankful for the letters Patrick had written me, one sentence in particular. One day I received a package with […]

Happy Harry’s Drugs

Today I am Thankful for…. a job. When I was 14 I had my first job at a greenhouse. It had it’s pros and cons but after one Christmas season of helping country folk pick out poinsettia’s, it was time for me to move on. My older brother had worked at Happy Harrys (now Walgreens) […]

The Lesson In Failure

Today I am thankful for….a failure. I loved school growing up. I had straight A’s, was the teachers pet (have to admit it) and enjoyed every little project along the way. By the time I hit 6th grade I noticed that I actually had to try in math class. Up until that point I was […]