Things you don’t know…


… I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth. Steve started buying Nutella to keep at his house “just in case”.

… I am a bit of a dramatic. I get anxiety about certain things and can’t help but get frazzled. I’m working hard to tame this flaw.

… When I get to work I open the same tabs in the same order in Chrome

photo 1

… I love to dance and will always be the first one on the dance floor

…I always put a clear coat under my polish so my nail beds don’t get stained but then I peel all of my polish off because it’s so easy… ugh.

… I’m awful at texting people back.  I read the text, think of the response, and continue on with my day

photo 2

…I had a nose ring for all of 2012. I miss it sooo much and wish I didn’t work in the corporate world JUST so I could have it back.

…I love to travel but hate to fly. I can handle flights that are 2 hours or shorter but flying to California nearly killed me. I have a weird fear of getting up while we are flying so I refused to drink anything in an effort to not use the restroom. Starting a trip to SoCal dehydrated is no fun.

…I love elephants

photo 3

…I used to work for a company that produced 5K obstacle races all over the country. In 2012 & 2013 I traveled to 25 different cities.

… I’ve been eating healthy and trying new food with Steve but when he’s out of town I find myself nibbling on the not so great foods. Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and dino nuggets for dinner? Yes please.

… When I say HI and Bye I raise my voice to a much higher pitch. I didn’t know I did it until I met Steve’s parents…great.

…My favorite color is purple.

photo 4

…I would move to Denver or Indianapolis if it wasn’t so far from my family

…I hate the feeling of things between my toes- toe socks and the toe separators at salons drive me crazy

…I had 5 bunnies growing up and would sing to them before bed…

…Growing up on the coast was a blessing. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without the beach

photo 1 (1)

…I’m allergic to both dogs and cats but I have a dog and had a cat until two years ago. Thank goodness Mar is hypoallergenic

…I feel like I didn’t really learn anything in middle school that I should probably know today- I think I memorized everything. Like if you asked me all the capitals I couldn’t name them all.

…I have the most irrational fears. The biggest one is being stuck in a place where I cannot leave if I want/need to. Like a subway, airplane, bus, etc. It’s kinda crazy and I recognize that.

What should I know about YOU?

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  • Haley Junks

    Wait a darn minute!! Something has gone wrong! I haven’t been seeing you in my Bloglovin’ feed, so I assumed you were taking a little break. THEN I remembered you moved your blog. But when I go to follow you, it says I already am, BUT you aren’t in my feed.. This is why i haven’t been commenting. I feel awful! Hmmmmm….. I’ll have to figure this out. I missed you!

  • Kellee Koga

    OMGOSH!!!!! Okay I am the same way with my toes… The sight of toe socks or shoes makes me cringe!!!! I have crazy irrational fears too, I have a fear of clusters… beat that! LOL and…. I have horrible anxiety which is only finally getting better after battling it since Jr. High!

  • Haley Junks hold on. There are too many random facts to comment on.. FIVE BUNNIES! I was just talking about how every time I see a bunny in the wild I squeal Bunnnnnnnny! Every. single. time.
    I had a nose ring going into grade nine. But no one saw it because I pulled it out one week before school BEFORE it healed and I couldn’t get the stud back in. DAMN IT!! I was sooooooooooo upset. I had a Huuuuuuuuuuuuge hissy fit.
    I have irrational fears too. I always play it in my mind.. and then snap back into reality and happily see that it DIDN’T happen. That one freaks me out because I’m afraid one day it WILL happen. Yikes.

    • Haley Junks

      But I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo allergic to bunnies. Cats and dogs too.. but really allergic to bunnies. I would have DIED in your house.