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12×30 January Week 2

The 12×30 Challenge has been great so far! It helps me to be able to highlight one part of my day that really stood out. It doesn’t have to be a huge moment, something as small as a hot cup of Starbucks coffee counts too. I missed a few days this past week so I’m […]

My time holding The Baton

Happy Monday everyone! As you all know I held The Blog Baton on Friday and was so excited to do so! I signed up for the exchange within a week of Mason announcing it and yet I was given a date three months later! The response both from interested participants and the interaction between bloggers […]

I’m holding The Baton today!

Happy Friday! Today is the day, I’m taking over The Blog Baton! Make sure you follow the account on Instagram (HERE) and check out the photos I will be posting until midnight tonight! && Have a great weekend!

The weekend of productivity + a BIG announcement!

It’s Thursday! Just one more full day of work until the weekend! You’d think I have big plans, but I’m just excited to get some things DONE! I feel like my To Do list has been getting longer and longer as the weeks go on so it’s time to tackle this list! This weekends goals: […]

Go To Recipe: Cowboy Caviar

I feel like I don’t branch out very much when it comes to new recipes and meals. Once I find something I like, I eat it on repeat for a couple weeks and then need a while before I’ll eat it again. I could share my go to meals at for this month but I […]

12×30 Challenge

Lately I’ve been in a rut. A rut with work, my personal life, my health, my appearance, my room, etc. There are little things here and there that I want to tweak and change and with the new year upon us I’m even more motivated to make some changes. Out with the old and in […]

Just Breathe

It’s going to be one of those days. I just need to remember to breathe and let be.

Thin Mint Bites

As you know I am a huge fan of anything chocolate, add mint and I’m in heaven! These bites were so easy to make and taste just like Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookies! Ingredients: 6 candy canes- finely chopped 1 pack of 36 oreos- finely chopped One 8 oz package of cream cheese 16 oz […]

Life Lately

I still cannot believe it is 2014! I hope everyone had a great New Years. I think it’s time for a life update! I was so happy to be home in Delaware snuggling this pup last week. Tell me that is not the cutest face!     I love the way my parents house looks when […]

Reflecting & Moving Forward

As the end of the year draws near it’s natural to ask yourself what you could have done differently or what did you learn from 2013. People start throwing around their ideas of new years resolutions and inevitably we all break them sooner or later but I found this reflection and list of questions that […]