Galentine’s Day Surprise

I LOVE Valentine’s day. Even when I was single I would celebrate the holiday by baking treats for my friends and co-workers. Last year I spent V-Day at my local bar with free food, boxes of chocolate, roses, and two of my closest girlfriends.

I was so excited when Ashten and Allie decided to create a link up for bloggers to participate in “Galentine’s Day” I thought it would be a great way to make a new friend. I was hesitant to sign up though. I had signed up for the #CaraBoxExchange a couple months prior and got to know my partner, sent off her package and never received a package from the person who had been assigned to me. It definitely hurt my feelings but I wanted to meet someone new and thought this might be a fun linkup.

I was paired up with Kellee from CALIFORNIA. Trust me- I am super jealous of her weather lately. From the day we were paired up Kellee has been emailing and chatting with me via Instagram. It was a nice change after the previous experience I had had and I had a great time getting to know her. Not only is she incredibly generous, working for an animal non-profit charity, but she has two beautiful children and seems to do it all without even skipping a beat.

The package she sent me arrived on Wednesday and I tore into it immediately. Kellee could not have sent me a more PERFECT package of goodies.

photo (2)

A cute coffee canvas for that little bare spot in the kitchen, warm knee high heart socks to keep me warm on my walk thru the snow to work, homemade lemon coconut scrub, an adorable pink jar, EOS chapstick which smells (and tastes) amazing, and even a treat for Mar!

Being on complete opposite sides of the country there was no way Kellee and I would have ever met without the help of this linkup. Thank you for the Galentine’s Day goodies my friend.


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  • Kellee Koga

    Awwww yay, I’m so glad you like all of the goodies!!! It was fun shopping for them. Stay warm over there!!!

  • Haley Junks

    Oooh what a great loot of stuff!! Happy Valentine’s day to you girlie!