Julep Maven Box Review

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Last month I signed up for the Julep Maven box for a few reasons. 1) I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I do ALWAYS wear nail polish. 2) I love trying new brands and colors. 3) I had recently unsubscribed from my Ipsy bags and was looking for something to fill that void…that’s the most honest answer! It doesn’t hurt that the first box after signing up is FREE!

My box came with two bottles of polish and cuticle cream. I added two more bottles of polish for $10 which was a steal since they retail for $14 a bottle. My box came with Abigal (nude) and Myrtle (red). I LOVE the nude shade and although I have a few bottles of red, I love the way this polish goes on so smooth. I did two coats of Abigail for the best coverage and noticed that the polish lasted about five days before it started to chip. The colors I added on were Bette (purple shade) and Max (black and white speckle). I thought Max was a weird polish but wanted to give a try. I used Essie Licorice as a base boat and applied Max for a funk white speckle top coat.

I can’t wait to see what this month’s box will feature and I’ve been checking out the colors featured on Julep’s website trying to guess what might come in my box. If you want to sign up to be a Maven go HERE and get your first month’s box for free!


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  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    I love these little surprise box deals you ladies sign up for. I have seen Ipsy reviews and there are some months where you get some really neat things, but it’s still sort of a gamble. I don’t wear enough make up for that to benefit me. I also don’t wear polish on my fingernails, so I’m not sure Julep would be for me either. One day I’ll find a cool sign up.. for like kid’s books. Do they have children story book boxes?! I would looooove to sign up for one of those! It doesn’t matter how old I get- I love kid’s books. Now that I’m a mom- bonus!

    • Megan

      I’ve done birchbox and ipsy and they were fun for a little while but I got tired of them. I want to get one more Julep box and then I’ll probably stop that one too. I don’t wear a lot of makeup so me having the makeup ones was dumb but I always have polish on my nails and toes :) There are so many childrens book subscriptions!!! Sign up for one!

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