12×30 Challenge- No Spend February Week 3


It’s time to recap the 12×30 challenge so far this month. The goal was to get rid of unnecessary spending. Last time I explained how hard it is for me to walk by so many stores with their “75% OFF SALE” signs on the windows. But I have been doing it! I haven’t bought clothing, makeup, jewelry, purses, scarves, etc the entire month of February.

Butttttt I have been spending that extra money on eating out. It hasn’t been a total bust. I shared the drool worthy photos from Sobo Cafe last week, I tried a new asian fusion restaurant near my work, devoured a BBQ sauce burger from Mothers and I tried the new BBQ place which is strategically placed right in between my house and Steves house.

It’s a GOOD thing that the goal for March is to cut back on eating out. March 1st (which is exactly a week away) will begin my eating in and working out lifestyle. There is a gym near my work that I can use for free plus it’s getting warmer outside so I have no excuse to not work out. Please hold me accountable and make sure I’m working out and eating in! I am excited for the food portion of March because this will give me a chance to try some of the new recipes I’ve been hoarding.

Can you believe March is next week?!

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  • Kellee Koga

    How the hell is it already March?!?!?! Good lord, I feel like the last few years have flashed by!

  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    You could always snap a few photos of your workouts.. even if it’s your sneakers running on a treadmill or a plate of your healthy food- just to sort of hold yourself accountable by having to post about it on your blog…… It sure as hell as been working for me! (week 14)

    Good on you for not spending money! Now you can again! 😉