Jury Duty + Guest Post + An Announcement

Happy Tuesday!

I am spending the day doing my civic duty and reporting for Jury Duty. While I am doing that, you should head over to Jess’ blog since I’m guest posting today!

Jess and I were paired up to create and mail each other ornaments this past Christmas and I’ve grown to love reading her blog. She started a new series called ‘Tourist In Your Hometown” and I had to talk about Baltimore..obviously. So go CHECK IT OUT!

Also- be sure to check back on Friday for a SUPER EXCITING announcement!!!!

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  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    Jury Duty! I actually was summoned for jury duty last month. But, I’m on maternity leave taking care of my baby, so they excused me. Phew. I don’t know what it’s like in the U.S. of A. but in Canada you get paid diddly squat for doing jury duty.

  • Kellee Koga

    i have been lucky to never actually have to do jury duty… i think it’s because my dad was a cop.