Memories of a Song + HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!

I love how the smell of burning leaves takes me back to childhood memories, that the feel of a warm breeze reminds me of summers at the beach and that a certain song reminds of a particular moment in time.

That moment in time was about six months ago, when I was completely smitten with a boy. We had gone on a couple dates and I noticed immediately that he was different than anyone else I’d ever been interested in. I really really liked him.

Almost one month later we decided to combine our love for music festivals and go to Virgin Mobile’s FreeFest together. We weren’t boyfriend/girlfriend official yet and only our closest friends knew of the other person in this “relationship”.

In preparation for the festival I made a Spotify playlist with songs from every artist we would be seeing. For weeks leading up to the day of the festival we listened to that playlist on repeat whenever we were in the car together. I noticed quickly that he always danced without fail to CHVRCHES and one song in particular. I can see us in the car now- the song starts and immediately our heads are bobbing and our lips are moving to the words of the song.

On the day of the concert he asked me to officially be his girlfriend. Its weird how one question and a response can change the way an entire relationship feels. We had been seeing each other for over a month and we both knew that we were only seeing each other but making it official was enough to plaster a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

We got to the concert in JUST enough time to walk to the stage and see the band CHVRCHES walking on stage. The feeling in the air was electric as everyone around us started to move to the music. Steve was behind me, his hands holding onto my shoulders, our bodies moving along with the beat.

If I stop and close my eyes it’s like I’m there, but not as me, as someone watching two people who are slowly falling in love. The way his hands rested gently on her shoulders, the smile that flashed across her face as she turned around to see him singing along with the words, the goosebumps on her arms when he kissed her cheek and the way she looked at him in that moment- so happy and content.

photo (1)

Today is that boy man’s 27th birthday. The man I love and who has taught me how to love unconditionally, without fail,  and without hesitation. Although he doesn’t like the spotlight on him, today is his day, so make sure to leave him some lovins’.

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  • Haley Junks

    I love this! It’s was a nice way of peeking in on your special moment.

  • Kellee Koga

    Awwww that’s so sweet!