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the day baltimore turned into zombieland

Another snow storm. Another day of working from home. Another batch of snow coming tonight. But this time I was able to take a couple hours off from work and spend some time with the man I love going on an ADVENTURE! And by adventure I mean trekking to Starbucks for coffee and a donut […]

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction + Mar

Everyone has a weakness- mine is french fries and nutella. Especially cookies combined with nutella. On Sunday my parents came to town. Steve and I met them and my Uncle Paul at Chiapparelli’s for lunch (I’ve been dying for my Dad to try Chiapparelli’s since he is the Italian food fiend in our family). They […]


Welcome to city living! My car was broken into Friday night and when I found it Saturday morning I was devastated. It’s gross to think that someone would break into my car. The car that I’ve had since I was 16. The car that has gotten me home safely after each trip. The car I’ve […]

12 x 30 Recap: No Spend February Week 1

I’m linking up with Kym and Jennifer again for the 12×30 Challenge. February is about no unnecessary spending and it’s been way harder than I imagined. I walk past Marshalls, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and F21 on my way home each day and got into a bad habit of popping in “to see what sales they […]

Loving Lately

In an effort to be positive and not dwell on this cold weather, I am getting excited for spring colors, summer beach bags, and summer sandals. Here are some thing I am loving lately: Via via via Via via via via

10 reasons why i’m over winter

It’s February 6th and we still have at LEAST two and a half months of cold temperatures. After the hell of a winter we are having, I need spring! 10 reasons why I am soooo done with winter: 1. Layers- At the beginning of winter I was completely on board with long sleeves shirts and […]

What’s In A Name?

Today I’m linking up with Mackenzie at Bell Bliss for a post about the name of my blog! No one has asked me why I chose this name and really it’s a simple reason anyway. When I moved to Baltimore I worked in a creative, small, start up company where we eventually had THREE Megan’s. […]

The Day of Food

Sunday was a gluttonous day for me and I loved every second of it. My cousin recently moved to the area so Steve and I wanted to see his new place and then spend some time together before Super Bowl madness began. We drove to meet Michael and my Uncle was visiting as well, looked […]


Can everyone stop and look at my ADORABLE header and the buttons on the side of my page. Meg from Yammering Yankee was kind enough to custom design and install these new elements to my blog. I am BEYOND happy with how they turned out and loved working with her. Meg sent me a questionnaire […]