Ellie Unplugged


Last night I saw Ellie Goulding. Let me repeat that, I saw Ellie Goulding. I still cannot believe that I was standing in the same space as her, only a few feet apart, looking at her with my own eyes. Please forgive me while I have a fangirl moment but she is hands down my favorite artist and its taken me three years of sold out shows, prior engagements and cancelled shows to actually make it to a concert of hers.

Steve bought us tickets to see her live last night as an early birthday present and he definitely gave me one of the best presents I’ve ever received. It was perfect. Granted it was cramped and hard to see at times but I was watching Ellie sing with Steve right next to me. That’s perfection.

I did something differently with this concert- I kept my phone in my purse the whole night. Some people might think it’s crazy to decide to not document something so important to me but that’s exactly why I didn’t. I love social media and document a lot of things in my life but this was different. I wanted to be present and engaged in the moment, not zooming and focusing and unzooming and focusing again only to get a super backlit photo of Ellie. I am perfectly happy with the memory in my head of her playing the drums, singing Only You, and Steve grinning from ear to ear while I moved to the music. That’s what I want to remember.

Steve- Thanks for one of the best nights ever. The snowstorm and 2 hour drive home was well worth it.


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  • Kellee Koga

    yay!!! now i have to google ellie goulding.

    • Megan

      Kellee- I am slightly insulted that you don’t know who she is but if you like her we can be friends again 😉

  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    Ah, good for you with the phone idea. Sometimes it’s just nice to appreciate what you’re experiencing, instead of worrying about documenting it. Rob has a major new found crush on Ellie. He refers to her in a first name basis, like they’re old pals or something. Glad you had a great time! Great b’day present Steve…..!! Is it your b’day today or tomorrow!? Happy b’day either way!!!

    • Megan

      Nooo my birthday is in April but the concert was a month before my bday so it was a good present :)