12×30 March Recap

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Before I dive right into my March recap, I need to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Kym and Jennifer for starting this challenge. I have not held myself accountable with any other projects until I started this in January. Each month has been challenging in its own way and I have found that I’ve carried on each challenge into the next month. For instance, February was not spending on unnecessary things. I haven’t bought clothing just “because it’s on sale” and I haven’t filled my Amazon shopping cart to the brim with things I would like to have. I know for a fact that I will continue to eat out only a few times a week through the rest of the year because I have enjoyed cooking at home SO MUCH.

Over the past week I am proud to save that I ate a lot more veggies and greens than I usually do. I’m not a salad person. I never felt that a salad could be filling or count as a meal in itself. 5/7 days last week I devoured a homemade salad for lunch. This has sparked me to experiment with other ingredients in my salad and I have even tested out making my own homemade croutons!

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I enjoyed mini burritos, homemade fried rice, and brunch at home. These are all things that I would normally want to order at a restaurant and not take the time to cook myself. The look on Steve’s face when he saw each of these dishes and the amount of pride I had in myself for saving money, cooking healthy dishes and working on my culinary skills was so incredibly rewarding.

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Moving forward I’m making a conscious decision to cook and eat better. I’m consuming less sugar and steering clear of ingredients and food that come in bags when I can make homemade versions that are healthier in most cases.

I am excited to start April’s month of the 12×30 Challenge TOMORROW!

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  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    Yah! That food all looks sooooo good! Keep it up missy and don’t be surprised if I email you for a couple of recipes…….