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Green Goodies

I am a holiday lover. There’s something about heart shaped garland, Halloween skull treat bags and spring colored sprinkles that gets me excited. I also love baking and lately I’ve been on a mission to make some sort of tasty treat to go along with each holiday. I was scouring Pinterest and found some tasty […]

Zombie Run Giveaway- FINAL DAY TO ENTER!

Today is your last chance to enter the giveaway and win 2 FREE TICKETS to The Zombie Run in Maryland on April 26th!!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Charlotte, I heart you.

I can’t believe I missed my 12×30 update post yesterday. No worries friends I’ll do an update next Monday. Our flight home on Sunday night was postponed twice and we got back to my place in Baltimore VERY late Sunday evening.   My trip to Charlotte was so great. I needed to get away, enjoy […]

Top 5 + zombie giveaway

Happy Friday everyone! Here were my highlights from the week: 1. I’m caught up on Shameless. It’s a miracle. I started Season 1 about a month ago and have been plowing through the seasons. Well…I’m not caught up on the episode from this past Sunday because OnDemand hasn’t uploaded it yet, but still. I am […]

Journal Day 1- Letter to Myself

  If you could go back just one year, what advice would you give yourself?  March 2013   Dear Megan,               It’s been one hell of a year. You’ve graduated college, moved to a new city, left your family and friends behind, and started a whirlwind job two days after graduation. You’ve traveled to […]

Word Vomit

Today is one of those days. I woke up with a cloudy brain, have a mile long To-Do List and just want to put on sweats and curl up in my bed. So please forgive me while I use this blog as an outlet to word vomit all over the place. LENT I’m not super […]

Reese Cup Cupcakes

  There is no better combination in my opinion than chocolate and peanut butter. When I saw a few recipes for Reese Cup Cupcakes online I NEEDED to make these. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a recipe that I liked. Everything had ingredients that I felt weren’t necessary or steps that made it way too complicated […]

12×30 February Recap

How is it possible that February is already over?  I thought it was going to be the hardest month of the 12×30 Challenge because we all know I love the Target $1 section and F21 necklaces but I only spent money on unnecessary goodies twice and each purchase was under $9. I know I know […]

March Photo-A-Day

Happy Saturday! So it’s been a week or so since I found out but I am the Maryland State Rep for the Northeast Bloggers Network. Want to know what the NEBN is? Who we are: The Northeast Bloggers Network is a place for bloggers living in the NE to meet and network with each other.  […]