Cell Phone Attachment

The food is ready and the table has been set. You and your significant other both make a plate and sit down together to talk about your days. False. You sit down at the table and both pull out your cell phones. Between each forkful of food you are double tapping, commenting, and reading articles that have been posted since you last checked an hour ago.
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I admit Steve and I are guilty of this occasionally but for the most part we are respectful of each other during mealtime. While watching tv or laying in bed is a different story but I think learning when to put the cell phone down is an important lesson.I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a conversation with a friend while they were staring into their phone only to realize later that they were never really listening. It’s disrespectful and makes me question why we are even spending time together.

Katie, one of my best friends, came up with the idea for this post and initially sent me this idea. When going out to dinner with friends, have everyone put their cell phones in the middle of the table. Whoever reaches for their phone first can pick up the tab. I don’t know how my friends would feel about this idea but after a few zombie like “yeah” and “uh huh” responses, they might be on board.

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Learning to turn your phone off during a concert or a wedding is just as important as during one on one time. Remember when I went to the Ellie concert and was quickly annoyed with every other concert goer as they blocked my view with their screens.  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs asked concert attendees to “put that sh*t” away during a summer 2013 performance. After the photo of their sign went viral bands and music lovers responded positively. Many bands and venues are now asking attendees to only use their cell phones and cameras during designated times.
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The No Cell Phone movement is now taking over weddings.  Future Brides are posting messages in their wedding announcements, invitations, and in the Officiants script to please refrain from taking photos out during the wedding. I can see why a bride wouldn’t want the short ceremony tainted by cell phone’s clicking and photos uploaded to the internet before the Bride & Groom have even said “I do.” Wedding guests don’t seem to share the same understanding. “If I was told I had to leave my phone at home, I’d likely stay home with it,” was the response from a member of the Offbeat BrideYikes.

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My philosophy on the matter is that we need to put the phones down. Life is what’s happening while you are staring at a screen, so true. The thought actually makes me cringe because I know how often I’ve been guilty of it. I want to thank Steve and Katie for the inspiration to put my phone down and live in the moment! Now it’s your turn- eat a meal with your significant other without once picking up your phone or snuggle on the couch uninterrupted. It’s pretty great.

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  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    Oh man, I couldn’t agree with you more..! The phones in the middle of the table is a really good idea. I never check my phone when I’m talking to someone OR when they’re talking to me. IF I do, I always apologize and explain that I have to quickly check a message. I HATE it when people do that to me. It’s just so rude.
    Rob is totally brutal with his phone. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before. I also mention that we live in a retirement community. So chivalry still exists somewhat. When Rob and I are out eating and he’s on his phone the entire time I always wonder what people around us think. Like, that poor girl is sitting there trying to talk to her husband and he’s just staring at his phone! I don’t mind it all of the time. But sometimes I just want to throw it across the room so he’ll listen to me. OR when he interrupts ME from what I’m doing to either show me something or tell me something and then he gets a text or a social media alert and he stops what he’s doing to check it. Makes me MENTAL! I’m like HEY! You interrupted ME… tell me your damn story and ignore your phone!

    Whew- quite the vent..!