22. Take a Photo of the DC Cherry Blossoms

Sometimes I have days where I wish I could rewind and relive them over and over again. Sometimes it’s whole days and sometimes it’s moments that I wish I could freeze frame and just look around and appreciate the small details I may have missed the first time. A couple weeks ago I had one of those days. A almost, very close to perfect day.

Steve and I woke up early on Sunday which is a feat in itself. We got our Starbucks breakfast and were on the road to DC before 9am. We got to town quickly but as soon as we pulled off of the exit we were in stand still traffic trying to find parking with the hundreds of other people trying to park in the “secret spot”. After cruising for a half an hour we finally snagged a spot.

The walk to the tidal basin was beautiful and we took our time walking looking at the cherry blossoms from every possible angle. They surrounded us from every side, almost like pink cotton candy clouds floating above our heads. When a gust of wind swept through it was almost like it was snowing dainty pink petals. This was a moment I wanted to freeze. If all of the people around me could just stop in place while I walked around, gazed at the flowers, and felt the warm sunshine spreading across my bare skin.

After a few hours of sightseeing and a less than ideal stop at the food trucks (I may or may not have dry heaved on the way home from the food) we were on our way home.

It wasn’t an elaborate excursion or a day filled with plans. It was a day where we just walked hand in hand, taking in everything around us and laughing A LOT. Steve is my partner in crime, traveling buddy and best friend. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Sunday any other way.
 photo 493D09E0-4BF8-410E-9546-896BFB210C07_zps4iyafrub.jpg
 photo 2395A8F6-4585-453A-8B26-A0684FEE3952_zpsbpkge4mv.jpg photo 51B19DDF-3934-4F50-BD74-D309543070CE_zpspf1n0don.jpg

  photo 5EF8EA11-AF75-41A7-994B-DE8B7B3C4B14_zpsciafhprn.jpg

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  • http://www.quaintrelleblog.com/ Setarra

    Hi Megan! Super happy to meet another DMV blogger!! I have a few friends who live in Baltimore and am hoping to make a day trip out there soon once the weather warms up some more The Tidal Basin area in D.C. is so nice but unfortunately missed out on seeing the cherry blossoms this year. Will have to make more of an effort next year. Thanks for linking up!!

  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    You painted a great picture of your ‘no expectations’ kind of day! But then your pictures were great too! “Pink cotton candy clouds”.. I love cherry blossoms.