Bacon, Beer & Baltimore

As an event planner I am a sucker for festivals so when I saw that The Bacon Festival was coming to Baltimore  I was PUMPED.The thought of bacon, beer and Baltimore all together at one festival made me so excited so we decided to go as a part of my birthday celebration with my friends.

This was the first year Charm City was throwing this particular festival so I was a little skeptical especially after we saw how much the tickets cost but we figured it would be a fun day and who can pass up on bacon?

Unfortunately the event was very unorganized and one of the worst I’ve ever been to. The errors the hosting company made weren’t things that were event specific and can be forgiven, they were basic event concepts that should never be done incorrectly. Having three trash cans and no clean up crew at a event focused primarily on CONSUMPTION of food and alcohol was mistake number one.

All in all it was a good afternoon spent with some of my best friends. We got to the event early and were able to get our fair share of bacon before leaving and heading into Federal Hill for some lunch and more beer.

 photo E1BB8D16-50E6-4C00-A96A-4716782335CF_zpsop6xoujc.jpg

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 photo 1F161FBC-19FE-4750-BF3C-5D0C4326BE9F_zpsq0nw9t20.jpg  photo 194BF7DF-47E5-4B91-9D6A-C4FC95142C51_zpsisvpehow.jpg

 photo FC5D89E7-72EC-4F50-83A2-0A877E7E3D3D_zps1znqyhve.jpg
 photo C4AFD346-ACCF-468B-A515-46A325BE6DCB_zpsy4gtwkfk.jpg

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  • Haley Junks

    You guys have great festivals..! I wish we had more stuff like that going on around here. The chocolate covered strawberry dipped in bacon looked really, really good.