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My birthday is in exactly one week and like any blogger I put together a Wishlist Post. This is exactly as it sounds, a post of all the statement necklaces from J.Crew, the personalized mugs from Etsy and the wedges from Target that I would love to receive for my birthday. After I typed it […]

12×30 Challenge April Week 2

Source   Well week 2 of exercising each day and eating healthy was a lot harder than I expected. I thought it would be easier and I would get into a groove and make this a part of my routine. While I did that, kinda, it still was pretty hard!   Monday and Tuesday I […]

72. Give Back to Phi Mu

Many moons ago when I was back in college (ok it was only 2 years ago but it feels like so much longer!), I was a member of a sorority and it was the greatest decision I made while in college. I truly felt like I had found my family and my home while I […]

The best thing I’ve ever eaten…

Source On Friday Steve and I decided to try Hersh’s Pizza. We are HUGE fans of Homeslyce Pizza and had heard really great things about Hersh’s. The pizza was good but the drinks and dessert were the BEST part of the entire meal. I had the most amazing Tiramisu ice cream, so creamy. I think […]

101 Things To Do in 1001 Days

So I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and made a list! Day Zero Project created the 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days project and I LOVE it. The goal is to come up with a list of 101 things you want to accomplish/see/create/do in the 2.75 years. Why 1001 Days? Many people have created lists […]

12×30 Challenge: April Week 1

April has been GREAT so far. I have been motivated, positive, and staying on track with my goals. Tuesday- I was nervous for my first real day of working out. I wanted to run first thing in the morning before work but with it still being dark outside I opted to NOT go in the […]

Life is Good

I am feeling good! I’ve been watching what I eat and exercising every day since Monday. It’s amazing what getting outside and sweating can do for your mood. It’s also amazing that I’m not miserable eating healthy food and that I actually feel really positive about this still. I’ve spent the last 4 days eating […]

32 Things That Make Me Happy

In an effort to be more positive and also for a lack of a better blog post, I’m linking up with Erin and Sarah to list out 32 Things That Make Me Happy. I actually plowed through this list when I was jotting down ideas and was instantly happy reading back through it as well. […]

Goodbye March…Hello April

Goodbye hibernating…Hello social life Goodbye SNOW… Hello SUNSHINE Goodbye Chili… Hello BBQ Goodbye static…Hello frizz Goodbye Basketball… Hello Baseball Goodbye layers… Hello short sleeves Goodbye pasty skin… Hello bronzed beauty Goodbye New Years & Valentines Day… Hello Easter Goodbye long months… Hello Birthday Month! Source

Social Media Envy + #MyReality30 Project

In my opinion, social media is almost like alcohol or chocolate, it’s fine in small quantities but too much can cause you to spiral out of control.   I find that I look at social media in two different ways- from a blogger perspective and a marketing perspective. As someone who has a blog, I […]