10 Fresh Recipes

Going along with the post yesterday about the importance of eating fresh produce, I thought I’d share some yummy recipes. They incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables and I can’t wait to start testing some of these!

 photo Veg10_CrispyEggplantParm_zps657483d6.jpg
Crispy Eggplant Parmesan

 photo Veg9_CucumberSalad_zpsa15d7a0f.png
Sweet & Spicy Cucumber Salad

 photo Veg7_AvocadoandFruitSalad_zpsf1708e1f.jpg
Avocado Fruit Salad

 photo Veg8_SummerSquashSoup_zpsffcffd97.jpg
Summer Squash Soup

 photo Veg3_FreshCornSalsa_zpsa831628b.jpg
Fresh Corn, Tomato & Chipotle Chile Salsa

 photo Veg4_BeefyPastaSalad_zps75ac0d92.jpg
Beefy Pasta Salad

 photo Veg1_GrilledGreenBeans_zps520251e8.jpg
Grilled Green Beans with Shallots and Sesame Seeds

 photo Veg2_FreshVeggiePizza_zpsb392b5de.jpg
Fresh Veggie Pizza

 photo Veg6_FreshHerbPasta_zpsfce173f1.jpg
Fresh Herb Pasta Primavera

 photo Veg5_FingerlingPotatoSalad_zpsd4f2c1c6.jpg
Fingerling Potato Salad

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  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    The beefy pasta salad looks interesting. I am always looking for a good beef anything recipe. We eat a lot of chicken but I really want to get creative with beef and get better at cooking it.

  • Gail

    Some of these look delicious! Let us know how they turn out!