Biggie Does Bmore

This past weekend was great! Not only was it a 3 day weekend but my Big from my sorority came to spend the day with me in Baltimore! Ashley is an incredible person and we are the perfect fit for a Big/Little pair. I haven’t seen her in a while so it was nice to catch up and laugh again like we did in college!

We spent Saturday at the Baltimore Zoo which I had never been to. I had a blast checking out the polar bears, giraffes and my FAVORITE, elephants! After a few hours we headed back into the city and walked to get a frozen yogurt treat. We met up with Steve for dinner at my favorite, Sobo Cafe and ended the night bar hopping in Mt. Vernon. I was sad to see Ashley go on Sunday but we made sure to stuff ourselves at Miss.Shirley’s before she left! I had such a great visit and can’t wait to head out to the country to visit her next time!
 photo C962654E-8F43-42F9-AC45-61407641896D_zpsqq6jqtxv.jpg
^ If I had all that fur I would be constantly swimming!

 photo F5934BE8-5153-4908-BCB2-B9D0C0F2DCED_zpsddysuvbi.jpg

 photo 28649DBB-EA4C-4102-B173-75683C84D66B_zpssjnjaf3n.jpg
^ The penguins were so much fun to watch! They are building a new penguin exhibit which will be opening in Fall of this year. If you are local, check it out!

 photo 1BE626D5-2C77-4FDD-8BD0-96FEB86E2370_zpskqkbgzhf.jpg

 photo BD4A7B4D-DC1B-4EE8-A933-65DC9ABDED69_zpsmkxqvpym.jpg

 photo 282C4C5C-CA97-47C4-85D5-EF57E251EA02_zpsj3x5hbfm.jpg
^ Seriously- the happiest girl!

 photo 5E7B5D86-6131-484B-A52B-976270E66E8A_zpsbzdbqch6.jpg

 photo F953D69F-1037-477F-870B-E3DEE966A8D4_zpsuyeekjsx.jpg
^ Miss.Shirleys to finish up a great weekend!

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  • Haley Junks

    Sounds like a good one! I’m Canadian.. so I don’t totally get the big little thing.. Are you the Big or the Little? And if you’re the little that means that your friend was sort of like your sorority mentor? Is that right?

  • Kelleen Emi

    Looks like fun!!!!I always feel so bad for the polar bears here at the san diego zoo… poor things must be suicidal.