#TBT London & Paris

My parents are my favorite people on this planet and on Monday they are celebrating their 25th weekend anniversary!

As a belated anniversary present to each other they will be taking a trip to London and Paris this summer. What a romantic gesture- to celebrate 25 years of unconditional love in one of the worlds most romantic cities. They are so excited and can’t wait to experience the culture and food of each city but it makes me sad! I wish I was going with them! I mean…I was the greatest thing to come from this marriage….ok ok I’m joking. However, talking with them about their upcoming trip allowed me to reminisce on the trip my Mom and I took to London and Paris six years ago.

My Mom promised me when I was a little girl that we would go to Paris together. During my Junior year of high school she told me that she was going to stick to her word and we would travel to London and Paris as a high school graduation present. The trip was incredible and I was so lucky to spend it with my Mom and a family friend.

Now forgive me while I do a little #ThrowbackThursday action on today’s blog post.

 photo 4BEB70F0-6671-482D-8DC2-567669073225_zpsgwkojmjq.jpg

 photo F2ED52E1-7821-4ABA-AF14-DB51E84D220C_zpshdyhpgiy.jpg

 photo AD4DECA9-2C47-420B-98FC-1C20F10AF679_zpsriygvmc2.jpg

 photo A9992E77-10D2-4ABA-A88D-58189DFBCA7B_zpsfucwculc.jpg

 photo 515121C9-CD27-404B-A1E9-C83AFC1130DE_zpsqsls4ogm.jpg

 photo 82B411D2-7FA1-43CC-8453-87303C24A1DD_zpszmuo2igl.jpg

 photo 110C3B99-848C-4775-9E2C-2524CB27E05D_zpsbwevfk7x.jpg

 photo 02F51E1E-2B63-493E-BC2D-EF17303AE990_zps6eelhned.jpg

 photo 2D741A7C-15E7-470C-A6E9-C9D92BBC1A91_zpsqpxwggjb.jpg

 photo 2863312B-37DC-4FC6-8583-4E76EFD3F1F4_zpss148iba7.jpg

 photo 3EDAD354-D0C9-46FC-BE3E-08B496ECB308_zpsjgefwf2k.jpg

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  • Gail

    The photo of you and your Mom holding the wine glasses is one of my favorites!

  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    What a cool way for your folks to celebrate their successful marriage! I love it. Also you are such a lucky duck to be able to say that you went on that kind of a trip.. I hope one day to do it!