#FBF Dallas

One of my favorite parts of my old job was that I was constantly exploring new cities. I can say that there are a few places I would have no problem moving to and Texas as a whole was one of those places. We went to Austin and Dallas and I loved both places. I liked Austin more but I still had a great time in Dallas.

My takeaway memory from this race were the zombies. People signed up to be zombies just like they signed up to be runners and the enthusiasm level was at an all time high in my opinion. They were amped up and so excited to be a part of this experience. They made the day for me.

 photo 6449D7F5-C814-47CD-86F6-D284CC05526E_zpsw2pvvtv3.jpg
^ We stopped at Union Park for dinner and drinks once we got into town and it was SO GOOD

 photo A319DC51-7A7F-4890-AE30-5BC8D85B529E_zpsckvu245l.jpg
^ Angry Apple Pie is one of my favorite drinks

 photo 62FD523C-71A0-48C6-9E62-2817AB913D89_zpsnjs1feah.jpg
^ The guys seemed to like the drinks at Union Park too 😉

 photo DCDE0BAC-A4EB-469F-976E-849F773AF1B8_zpsreh2h9nd.jpg
^ Race day- the weather was rough, cold in the morning then hot and threatening storms. We lucked out and it only rained for maybe 10 minutes the entire day

 photo 9E305D83-BBE8-4735-BF3F-E44A0DF70EC2_zps9dpn95ud.jpg
^ This lady is one of my favorite zombies we ever had. We featured her on our Instagram page and Facebook page and she was THRILLED beyond belief.

 photo 5ED427A3-C58B-473A-99EF-2583EF9FAC96_zpsjqdt9kn9.jpg
^ Nothing screams marriage proposals like thousands of zombies roaming around… haha

 photo C94357A2-0DCD-40E8-AA10-0433E3074A8A_zpscqiypykt.jpg
^ Texas bugs were strange. If anyone knows what this is please let me know

 photo 95F5E2B5-DA27-483C-82B1-8CFEEAD1243B_zpsm4wambhp.jpg
^ And of course I had to eat a Texas shaped waffle before we left.

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  • http://www.kelleethecaffeinated.blogspot.com Kelleen Emi

    I love Texas so much and would move there in a heartbeat… Except now I am re-thinking it since I saw that ridiculous bug thing!!!

  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    An Angry Apple …. oooh what does that consist of? Sounds delicious.