Resident Tourist: Harbor Que

One of my favorite things about Baltimore is the plethora of restaurants the city has to offer! I feel like I try a new restaurant every week or two weeks and still have so many on my list. My cousin and his girlfriend made a list of places they wanted to try over the course of the summer so I’ll definitely be crashing some of their date nights (Sorry guys!).

Steve and I went to Harbor Que on Monday night to celebrate Memorial Day the right way. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the holiday than drinking beer and eating barbeque.

 photo 3D5DC7E7-14D5-47D2-A08E-0B538C5A4D43_zpsawpxymwx.jpg

Harbor Que used to be deep in Federal Hill but within the past few months has relocated to a prime location on S.Charles St right next to the bars.  I’m happy with the move because I had never eaten at Harbor Que. The other location did not have parking and was on a busy highway. I can easily walk to the new location and can people watch while I stuff my face (priorities).

 photo 06994D21-5B52-4FB9-A654-7F158F5BB858_zps4exbcfo3.jpg

The restaurant is exactly how you would want a bbq place- low key. You order at the counter and have a seat. The food is brought out within 15 minutes and you DIG IN. I had the ½ smoked chicken with baked beans and French fries and Steve had the wings and a side of hush puppies. My favorites were the baked beans, smoked chicken and hush puppies.  I ate my fair share and was very grateful for the walk back to get a jumpstart on burning some of the calories I had just consumed.

 photo DA7FE8B1-4CDD-4DA8-8F1D-B90FB8A373F2_zpscydebsxd.jpg

Overall the food was good. I had to send my chicken back because it wasn’t as hot as I would have liked initially but everything else was great. I’m holding out for them to add a pulled chicken sandwich to the menu- YUM!

 photo 8D3DF543-4BA7-41D6-AD34-7A587B48DCA1_zpsyotoivyk.jpg

 photo E418ECD7-517B-440E-8942-493B9B6066E7_zpsc4etsm1h.jpg

 photo 1735F1E8-9938-4D90-99A2-4F46488EDEDB_zpsby2hq7qu.jpg

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  • Haley Junks

    Yum. If I could, I would just dedicate the rest of my life to traveling and trying out different, awesome restaurants. I just love eating way too much.

  • Setarra

    ooooh, Harbor Que looks like my kind of foodie restaurant! I love everything and anything barbecue! I’ll have to make sure to check this place out next time I’m in Baltimore :) Thanks for link up Megan!!

  • Time Travel Plans

    Looks delicious – especially those hush puppies!