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20. Go to a new baseball stadium

Saturday I went to my first Nationals baseball game with my Uncle Paul and Steve. Uncle Paul invited us to this game a few months ago and we had been excitedly counting down. I was really excited to go to a new stadium and also at the chance to catch up with my Uncle. We […]

Feeling Inspired

Source   Lately I’ve been so incredibly inspired. I don’t even know how to explain how I feel but once I get started working on a project it’s an overwhelming feeling of happiness and clarity. I’ve expressed before that this winter was rough. I stayed inside, gained weight, and froze my booty off but now […]

You Know You’re An Adult When…

I’m 24 years old but I still feel like a kid all the time. Sometimes I stop and look at all of the things in my room and wonder when I became a person who buys furniture and fancy dresses for work. Since when am I old enough to decide that I’m not making my […]

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! I live for silly made up holidays especially this one. Any excuse to eat chocolate chip cookies is fine by me! You know when people dangle a very tasty but unhealthy treat in front of you and sometimes you can say no but sometimes you can’t? I can say […]

98. Invent a new recipe

  Remember the cupcakes I made for Cinco de Mayo last week? They were probably one of the recipes I am most proud of. I love baking and especially baking cupcakes because there is so much freedom and creativity involved. However most of the cupcakes I make are from recipes I’ve found on Pinterest and […]

Going home

I always love going home and I’m lucky in that I’ve had many opportunities to do so in the past couple of months. This time last year I was working the Zombie Run in Clearlake Oaks, CA far away from my Mama. I’m so thankful for that time in my life to grow and learn […]

55. Tell 5 Friends How Grateful I Am

5 fun little cards will be going out this week to 5 people who I am so grateful to have in my life. These are ladies who I’ve known for years or just a short while but have all touched my heart in a serious way. I can’t get enough of good girlfriends and each […]

My Mama + Red Balloons for Ryan

My Mama is a special lady. I like to use the blog as my outlet to tell the world how great she is. Like I did HERE and HERE. She is my best friend and the person I call first when I have good news or bad news to report. She talks me down off […]

High Five for Friday

I have not done a weekly top 5 in SO LONG. This was a pretty great week so I thought I’d do a quick little recap to take us into Mother’s Day Weekend! Speaking of which I am leaving first thing tomorrow morning to make the trek to Delaware and snuggle with my Mama on […]

95. Learn how to make chicken & dumplings

I have vivid memories of going to Britt’s Dutch Inn as a child during the summer with my grandmother and brother. We would sit at the same booth and order the same chicken and dumpling platter every week. Thursdays were chicken and dumplings day after all. There are a few memories of my grandmother that […]