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91. Cap’n Crunch French Toast

I’ve been trying to eat at the Blue Moon Cafe for the past two years and every time the wait has been longer than 2 hours. Everyone has told me to go really early when they open at 7am or really late. Steve and I both like to sleep in so the early option wasn’t […]


Source They say timing is everything. That couldn’t be more true. Timing has always been a huge part of my life whether I was happy and felt that timing had worked in my favor or when I was heartbroken because timing was what made something NOT happen. I remember in college, I was newly single […]

Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! On this day a year ago I was celebrating by partying with Byrd and her neighbors not knowing that in four months I’d be dating one of them and I’d never even met him yet! So crazy. Enjoy the holiday, drink up and try to make it to work tomorrow! I’ll […]

Help Pick Out New Glasses!

I love surprise box subscriptions. You name it, I’ve probably had a subscription at some point. There’s just something about a getting a package with unknown goodies inside that I love. It feels like every month is Christmas! When I found out that Warby Parker allows you to pick out 5 pairs of glasses on […]