Confession Session V.1

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Since my blog has reached 75 NEW followers in the last week I thought it was time to do a little confession/fun fact post about me! Thanks to all of my new followers- I hope you stay around for a while :)

I confess…

… That photo up there is real life. I walk to work through the city everyday and in 9 months I never got caught in the rain unprepared…until this day. It started to pour and I realized I had no rain coat or umbrella to save the day. Sooo I took a trash bag from the cleaning lady and with a little help from a co-worker I made a poncho. It worked and I was probably all over snapchat that day.

… I haven’t been the happiest person over the past few weeks. There are  a few aspects of my life that I’ve been struggling with. I need to do some serious soul searching while simultaneously putting my big girl panties on.

… I’m restless- this is definitely affecting my mood too. I haven’t been on a vacation in over a year and a half and have only taken a day off here and there from work. I have a long weekend coming up in July and I may or may not have a countdown started.

… I’ve been making jewelry for the past four years and have gone from making vintage pieces to brand new. I haven’t found a way to make the pieces that I dream about yet but for the time being I love creating pretty pieces. I have a few more to make and then I’ll be launching my Etsy shop!

… I love living in the city so much. My fitbit told me that I was 2,000 steps away from reaching my daily goal so I walked to the store. I could have easily driven there but it is so rewarding to not do that.

… I posted a picture a few weeks ago on Instagram of a jar of water that I had filled with fruit to make flavored water. I uploaded the photo BEFORE I tasted it because it looked so pretty. The water was disgusting. I put wayyyyyy too much lemon and not enough strawberry. I may have spit out the first sip because it caught me off guard.

… I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up…

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  • Laura Powell

    Hahaha that photo is awesome, end of story. And you defnitely should take some time for yourself! Glad you’re finally getting a little break next month!

    • Megan

      Thanks Laura! I wondered “is this photo too awkward to share” and then I realized that was a silly question haha. Annnd its pouring again as I type this. YAY!

  • gail

    Sending hugs and let me know if I can help with anything. Definitely take a vacation!

  • Haley Junks

    75 NEW followers- my gosh that’s awesome! How many do you have in total? I don’t think I see a Bloglovin’ Follower count. And I was all excited about ONE the other day (insert shame face here..)
    The homemade poncho is fabulous AND I am very interested in seeing your homemade jewellery… If it’s my cup of tea (or cup of nasty fruit water) I’ll have to buy something! It would be that much more cool to own something one of my bloggy girls made..!