#FBF Indy

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June 21-24

Last year I was in one of my favorite places EVER. Knightstown Indiana! You might be surprised that I didn’t say Miami or LA or some crazy exciting place but that’s exactly why I love Boondocks Farm in Knightstown. It’s simple, quiet and holds a special place in my heart. My second race ever with Reed Street Productions was in Indy in June 2012. I was falling in love in a couple different ways, with a co-worker, with the city, with my job, so Indy is a place with good feelings even though some things had changed in two short years.

The property was a DREAM for a 5k obstacle race. We had tons of flat fields to use for the festival area, a pavilion to provide the vendors and patrons with shade, plenty of space for parking and the course that we made on this property was UNREAL. There were open fields, thick woods, hills, streams, sand pits, plenty of opportunities for zombies to jump out and grab the runners and to make it fun for everyone.

The property owner was also a huge part of the experience. He was helpful, always down to give suggestions on how we could improve the event and set aside one night of set up to have us come to his house for pizza, beer, and a pool party. He and his family were great to work with and it makes me sad that this is the first time in three years that I won’t be visiting!

It almost feels like I had this love affair with Indianapolis in a past life. A past life where traveling the country and working with zombies was my world and all I knew. I am so grateful for everything I learned during my time with RSP. I fell more in love with the event world and grew tough skin, which I believe is completely necessary in this industry and life in general. Until next time Indy. xoxo

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^^ I tried to put sunblock on my own back and clearly failed. The white is where I could reach and the red is where I couldn’t…

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^ One of my favorite zombie costumes of all time.

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^ The Air Force served as our course officials for this race and did an incredible job!

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  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    This is so cool. You’re having a lot of fun with this Zombie Run aren’t you!?

    • Megan

      It was my life for 2 years and I wasn’t blogging then so no one saw these lovely photos! I am loving recapping that time of my life but this little friday segment will be over soon! August of last year I left the company :(