Where the green grass grows

I grew up in a rural area of Delaware where there are more chickens than people and plenty of land to do just about anything. Looking back, I am so glad that my parents decided to raise their children in the town that my dad grew up in because I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood.

Fall was my favorite time of year with the smell of bonfires filling the air and visiting one of the ten pumpkin patches within fifteen miles from our house. My winters were spent building giant snowmen in our backyard, driving around to look at all of the Christmas lights on the farmhouses and the Christmas parade that came through our little town. Spring and summer were my favorite seasons growing up because we had fields of fresh corn and watermelon, a backyard big enough to play baseball in and a pool to splash around in.

Now that I live in the city and can’t walk through grass in my bare feet I can fully appreciate home. I look forward to my trips back to Delaware at least once a month and always have the same ideas in mind- stop at multiple produce stands, shuck corn on the front porch, and go for a walk/hike around my town.

While I can’t imagine leaving Maryland I do think I’ll take some pointers from my parents on how to raise children. When that day comes I will definitely be packing up and moving to where the green grass grows.

Below are some fun facts about agriculture and I was glad to see that the farm life in Delaware is doing well and will be sticking around for a while.

 photo map1_zps81a6c21d.gif

 photo map3_zpsa75d9c14.png


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  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    Yes, I think raising your kids in that kind of setting is really great. I have cousins that grew up on a farm in Alberta. I remember visiting them and absolutely loving their lifestyle. They had cows, a huge garden, they got to drive real cars in the cow pasture when they were like 12. It was all so cool to me. AND.. both girls are grown with their own children, one lives nearby on her own farm and the other is close enough. Raise em right and they’ll stick around!