Did they write it about us?

My Mom tagged me  on Facebook last week as she shared an article that Cosmopolitan had just released. It looked like every other Buzzfeed article about why it’s great to be close to your Mom but I thought I’d give it a read since she tagged me. After reading only 3 of the 15 reasons I was convinced that someone had written the article after spying on my Mom and me. That’s the ONLY way that this article of 15 reasons on why it’s great to be close to your mom was a list of the 15 reasons why I am thankful for mine.

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This couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time because I am in fact going home for the next three weekends for various reasons none of which are holiday related. There is nothing better than walking in the door of my childhood home, collapsing on the sofa and having my Mama rub my head until I fall asleep. Seriously, nothing better.

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This is the one that did it for me- Ms.Karen did you write this?! My Mom and I went on a European adventure with our family friend Karen. There was only one time during the trip that I really struggled and it was on probably our second day in London. It had been a long day of sightseeing and I hadn’t eaten much for breakfast so by the time we were ready to stop for a snack/lunch my blood sugar was low and I was throwing an adult temper tantrum on the street (not one of my proudest moments). My Mom looked like she might lose her cool for a second but she reeled it back in and with the help of Ms.Karen they ushered me into a restaurant and solved the hangry problem.

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This one goes without saying. She drove herself across the bay bridge (having never done so in a car ALONE) to get to me when I woke up sick as a dog in Baltimore last year. She also drove an hour to the beach one summer when my boyfriend at the time and I broke up.

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#6 talks about using your phone mainly to call your Mother which is true since we talk everyday but its her text messages that I love. I have some pretty hilarious ones saved in the archives.

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I am a huge social media fanatic and you can guarantee that my Mom LOVES this. I am basically updating her throughout on the day on what I’m up to and she always approves. She’s my biggest fan and would like anything I posted simply because I posted it.

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I don’t know how she did it growing up but she ALWAYS knew who I was talking about and could put a face to a name. She kept all the facts and “he said she said” straight. To this day she will remind me of a fight I had with someone in middle school and I can never remember what she is talking about.

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Coolest Mom on the planet. Hands down. If you only knew the sh*t I put her through you would 100% agree!


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  • Laura Powell

    This is awesome and probably the sweetest thing ever! :)