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July 28th: July 28th: 3 Pictures – Share your favorite pictures. 1 of anything, 1 you took, and 1 selfie.

 photo 9083F64E-0BEF-447E-84E3-5BE506276F38_zpsdtf8asxs.jpg


^^ I had such a good weekend at home snuggling this little boy! I miss him so much when I’m in the city!

 photo B4A5FB6E-115B-46B8-8F50-B3BB720CAD1D_zpswrviik5j.jpg


^^ My parents and I went to the state fair this weekend to see Lady Antebellum. It was my last day at the fair this year so we made sure to get all of the sweet treats!

 photo B16D0A0E-8466-4574-8690-A1BB18A22D29_zpskwzkqeew.jpg


^^ This lady is my best friend but she also happens to be my Mama. We had some time to kill before the concert so we entertained ourselves with #selfies

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  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    I love your ‘at home’ weekends. There’s no one ‘back home’ so I always live through you.. and imagine how cool it must be to return to a place that you lived as a kid..!