Tin Roof Baltimore

I don’t go out very often. I’m a homebody at heart and having a boyfriend who loves to be at home too definitely feeds into my desire to lounge on the sofa. However, I have made a serious effort this summer to spend more time out and about especially since the weather has been so incredible.

Last week was my bestest gal’s birthday and she wanted to ring in her 27th year at a new place in Baltimore called Tin Roof. There are actually more Tin Roof’s across the country and I’m so glad it made it’s way to my little city! TR replaced Kettle Hill in PowerPlant Live for those of you who are familiar with the area and it is a great change if you ask me.

 photo 2F9006CB-BD7B-42DF-88BE-33F6575C4FC4_zpskmwnkoj1.jpg

My roomie Jules and I headed over around 7:30 and found that the party was just getting started. We grabbed some beers and she didn’t roll her eyes when I said I HAD to take some photos of the décor. I was obsessed!

 photo F68A2964-66A2-4D86-A726-D20894F44431_zps80ubqer8.jpg

Since I don’t go out very often and I’m not a huge beer fan something else has to grab and keep my attention and it’s usually the décor or ambiance of the place. The colored lights strewn across the entire ceiling inside, white lights hung across the outside patio, and light up sign at the stage really suckered me in.

 photo 14FF40B3-E6BA-4B43-A375-9087D45A7D21_zpsiypgo9sr.jpg photo 00859024-4D13-4973-82F8-212DC7D1896E_zpshaxiundc.jpg

Did I mention that Tin Roof has karaoke with a live band starting at 9pm? That’s the whole reason we were there! Byrdy has an incredible voice and the rest of us just really love to listen to her sing and dance so we all had a GREAT TIME. If dancing and jamming to the music isn’t really your thing they also have a giant jenga set outside and cornhole boards.

 photo 4C74F031-BFE4-44FE-9417-BAEE61E68216_zpso6zl5uex.jpg

I had such a great time and for a Tuesday that’s saying something. If you are in the Baltimore area and specifically the Inner Harbor checkout PowerPlant Live and stop by our new favorite place, Tin Roof.

 photo AED00729-CFF0-4136-9113-59C9838CB54A_zpstrmepb6m.jpg

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  • Laura Powell

    I follow Tin Roof on Instagram and it has always seemed like a hoppin’ place! Sounds like a ton of fun – we are definitely going to have to check it out soon!

    • Megan

      Let me know if you head there and maybe we can finallllly meet. Blate at Tin Roof? :)

      • Laura Powell

        YESS!! That would be awesome!! Are you going to be at Dare Theory too? Cuz we will! :)

        • Megan

          Ahhhh!! I’ll be at Powerplant to promote it tonight and then I have training for something else tomorrow from 10-3 but I’ll be at DT afterwards and definitely will be at the after party!!!!!