Oh Hey Friday: Rain Making History

Oh Hey Friday! I am sooo happy to see you. This is the first weekend in almost TWO MONTHS that I am staying in Baltimore. Granted it will be jam-packed but everything is within a 10 minutes drive from my house. Thank goodness.

 photo 3E4FFD1C-D76F-407C-A104-B667BBFE9992_zpspc03zj3z.jpg

The best thing about living AND working downtown is the walk to work each morning. I posted this photo on Instagram with the caption “Walking through the inner harbor to work each morning is my favorite part of the day. The harbor is usually the opposite of relaxing with tourists, screaming kids, aggressive drivers and cocky sports fans. However, first thing in the morning its just me and the occasional runner. I have time to think and reflect and be grateful that I get to call this place my home”. I truly love working in the city and being able to have such a quick and easy commute. I don’t think I can ever work or live outside of the city…well, at least not for a few years.

 photo 8B2937A4-3ECC-44F1-9530-9A8CBCB93B97_zpsafnb10fq.jpg

We got four inches of rain in a 24 hour timeframe on Tuesday! I was amazed and less than pleased that this prevented me from walking to work. I was stuck in traffic with everyone else going home and my 1 mile drive took 45 minutes. The Baltimore Sun reported that a rainstorm like that was a once in a 1,000 year kind of event.

 photo B4315094-3090-4762-8304-A115A46F9F66_zpsprfsvlgt.jpg  photo BDA2B8E8-E983-4977-B69F-F338FA22D46A_zpsicwitked.jpg

I FINALLY GOT MY HAIR DONE! It’s been a while and I am awful at hair upkeep (really I just don’t want to pay to get my hair done that often). It wasn’t until I looked at the photo taken of me last weekend that I realized how bad my hair was. I looked like a calico cat! Thankfully I’m back to my natural color!

 photo F7D1F534-D3D9-4A1D-A2D8-1548F34F33F3_zpsy8tgddyo.jpg

Within the past year I have been trying to get rid of this black thumb and make it a green thumb and I am proud to say that everything in my planter is still alive three months later! I am obsessed with my cacti and succulent plants and soooo happy that they are hanging in there for me!

 photo hammertime_zpsccdb34da.jpg

Really, it’s Shark Week and its Friday. That’s all I need to say! Happy weekend friends!

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  • http://www.winksandeyerolls.blogspot.com Sierra&Faith @Winksandeyerolls

    Stopping by from the linkup…very creative blog! Looking forward to reading more. Have a great weekend.

    • Megan

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://www.haleyspace.blogspot.ca/ Haley Junks

    Okay seriously, there is just something about walking to work..! I did it for nine years and this is the first time that I am driving. It’s a very short drive, but I still miss the walk.. It just gives you that extra moment to yourself before you have to be ‘work you.’