Sailing on the Bay

This past week was crazy with the accident and having to deal with all of the insurance paperwork. When Steve’s parents asked if we wanted to go sailing on Sunday on their boat we jumped at the chance. I admit that I was nervous since I hadn’t been on a boat in a very long time but it was such a great afternoon. It wasn’t too hot and the breeze was just enough to keep us moving and cool our skin. The water was glistening from the sunlight and I was on a sailboat with my love and his parents. It was the best way to bring in a new (and stressful) week.

 photo C50B545D-9CCD-40AB-8E27-068921B70134_zps4kimpf5g.jpg

 photo 0AC8ECC3-7E88-4393-9075-2CA2CED8375C_zpsfsaduenh.jpg

 photo 480F65D7-FA1A-4891-AD93-9380B5BDE6A9_zpsqpfk7ok5.jpg

 photo 0CB1130F-532C-46B6-A7A5-B910BF8B64CF_zpsktkhoa0g.jpg

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  • Haley Junks

    I must have missed the post about the accident. What happened!? Sailing would be amazing.. I’ve never been but would jump at the chance to do it!