Anniversary Getaway

Steve and I wanted to get away for our 1 years anniversary and tossed around a few ideas of places we could go, but in the end we decided to cut out travel time and stay close to home. We woke up Saturday morning and drove to Washington DC to play tourist and spend some uninterrupted time together.

Our first stop was the Newseum since I have never been! Honestly, I’ve never wanted to pay the $23 ticket price when there are so many free museums within walking distance but thanks to a deal online I was able to snag tickets for $15. I mean the view from the top floor was worth half of the price of admission!

 photo 22FE10D2-464C-4C49-8DD4-1EEAAD0D8950_zps2qlmjqwv.jpg

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The first exhibit we saw was about the Berlin Wall. Towering over me was a section of the wall and a watch tower which I thought was a replica. I quickly realized that these were not replicas, they were real. This first stop kind of set the tone for me and the rest of the museum. I was incredibly emotional in each exhibit as I stood in front of real pieces of history.

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The museum as a whole was so cool, but I there were three exhibits that really stood out to me.

The first “exhibit” as I’m calling it, really was just a hallway on the top floor of the museum. The walls were lined with glass cases which at first glance were front pages of newspapers across the country and world. It took me a few minutes to realize that they were the front pages for Saturday! Someone changes the front page news every single day! We had fun reading what made the front page for Maryland, Delaware and across the world. Delaware’s talked about how gross the state smells…no one was surprised.

 photo 04981D1E-67AE-4D09-AD3B-8C1EEF30C216_zpskah3fj1s.jpg

The second exhibit that really touched me was the Pulitzer Prize Photographs. Photographs lined the walls displaying some of the world’s most horrific events and some of the most heartwarming events. I could have easily spent an hour in the exhibit looking at each individual photo.

 photo 341A1AAC-A721-4536-AC56-73D8BAA3DC94_zps7mrkyrrq.jpg

The last exhibit is one that I can’t stop thinking about- the 9/11 exhibit. In the middle stands the radio tower that stood on the top of one of the world trade towers. Along one wall are all of the front covers of newspapers from that horrible day. Along the other wall were photographs that photographer William Biggart took the morning of the attack. He was the only journalist who died covering the attacks. There was a film playing in a room adjacent to the exhibit so we stopped in to check it out. The first thing I saw on the screen was video footage of the first plane flying directly into the tower. I felt like someone punched me in my stomach as I gasped and immediately started to cry. It was the first time I’ve seen the footage since the day it happened and it affected me differently as an adult because I really understand what that meant now. The exhibit, as hard as it was to walk through, was a beautiful tribute and I’m so grateful that I had the chance to see it.

 photo B73F4DB3-FCF1-4396-91A2-FD1EEC7BF0A3_zpsjeipwjwc.jpg

After the museum we wandered around the city and decided on lunch at Shake Shack because we were craving a good burger and fries!

 photo 723A6C36-1C5E-4765-A9F5-7BDD0784F600_zpsxmql5cae.jpg

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We wandered some more and stopped in the National Gallery of Art to wander around a bit before we checked into our hotel and got ready for our anniversary dinner! We ate at Founding Farmers and of course I didn’t snap any pictures because I was demolishing what was on my plate. I am already trying to find another time to go to the restaurant because there were at least 5 things on the menu I want to try. As a picky eater that is unheard of!

 photo C97E6BDA-2842-4D7C-86BC-7A2C13339093_zps22ejp8ll.jpg

Overall, the weekend was incredible. I feel incredibly lucky to say I’m in love with my best friend.

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  • Ally Mohun

    Do you have a hotel suggestion? Nate and I managed to get a few days off together this week and thought about doing a night in DC. Any thoughts?

  • Haley Junks

    Oh wow. I stopped Rob from watching the hockey game just now to show him your picture from the 911 exhibit. It’s so sad but interesting how they have all of the front pages of newspapers shown covering that day. We both agreed how huge of a deal that was for not only the U.S. (obviously) but how the entire world was shook up by it. I get choked up every time I see footage of that day, for sure.