Yelp: Painted Palette

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love art. I was an art minor in college and love visiting art museums. I like to think that I am a creative person and artsy, but that only applies to projects that don’t involve actual drawing or painting. I can DIY pretty much anything but if I have to paint a recognizable image, I’m screwed.

 photo 20C8BF22-868F-4BF6-893A-05A78477CA3E_zpskaniypyj.jpg

A few weeks ago we had a Yelp Elite Event at The Painted Palette in Mt.Washington. I was excited about the event and thought the Yelpers would love it, but I decided that me participating was probably not going to end well. After arriving to set up and talking to Becca (the owner) she explained the process and assured me that I would make a beautiful painting.

 photo 9E1ECEA1-8479-499C-8671-B4CBBF58F356_zpskvdoxdic.jpg

This might be my favorite Elite Event yet. It was a more intimate setting with only 25 Elites. I was able to chat with the ladies at my table and get to know them better. Did I mention we had wine as well? The drinks were flowing, snacks were nibbled right up and the paintings turned out SO WELL. Every single person in that room was not an avid painter or artist, yet the paintings were all great!

 photo CEBC73BE-51CF-4817-A46A-F6ECA1E93962_zpslh7zyxn6.jpg

I left the event feeling like I could stand in front of a blank canvas and not be intimidated. Who knows, maybe I’ll give it another shot someday!

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  • gail

    I love your painting! You can do anything you set your mind to doing!

  • Haley Junks

    Oh man! That is seriously awesome. I live in a small town and nothing cool like this is ever going on!!! I would absolutely LOVE to do something like this….!! GREAT painting by the way. Where are you keeping it?

    • Megan

      Eeeee its a new thing in the city and just started popping up over the past couple of months. It is hanging in the hallway outside of my bedroom. :) I have a canvas print that my cousin made with brightly colored houses so it looks great next to it!