Oh Hey Friday: Another Life

Oh hey ya’ll it is FRIDAY!

I thought I’d switch it up a bit this week and skip the weekly highlight post. We all know I do full blown posts on anything exciting that happens sooo there’s no need to be repetitive.

This week was week 3 in the new job and I am truly the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I was talking with my parents and even though this is my third full time job since graduation (so sad to type that out), it really feels like my first REAL job. A job where I am a member of a team, where I have my own office, where business cards are a normal step in the on-boarding process and where I feel valued and like my opinion really matters.

Between Yelp and UM I finally feel like I am chasing my dreams and working in jobs that I am passionate about! Along with that I’ve been thinking about what other passions I have. Steve asked me if I could learn a new skill tomorrow what would it be? Or if I could do something completely different from what I do now what would it be? So here we go:

1. Open a bakery- I love to bake! Anything from cookies to muffins to cupcakes to doughnuts, I love it all. I’ve noticed that gourmet doughnuts have been huge over the past few years and I keep seeing incredible shops popping up around me like Astro Doughnuts in DC and Sidecar Doughnuts & California Donuts both across the country. Baltimore doesn’t have anything like this (that I know of) and I wish I had the time and money to be the one to do it. Instead I’ll continue to whip up donuts like THESE and THESE and treat my friends and family.

 photo B23F1889-24A3-44BF-930B-1F668E4E96C8_zpsqaugexjj.jpg photo 570C4C95-4432-4B2B-918B-7296DC7FEC61_zpskkooh1ml.jpg

2. Take hip-hop dance classes- Guys. I love to booty pop and shake it like the best of ‘em but I’m that girl at the club who thinks she’s good but really isn’t. I want to find time in my crazy schedule to take a couple hip-hop dance classes and actually know what I’m doing the next time I go out.

 photo dougie1_zps003dc4ce.jpg
^ I got the Dougie down- don’t worry about that!

 photo dougie2_zpsf2eee16a.jpg

3. Live in a different city every couple of years- If money was no object I would move to a new city every two years doing odd and end jobs or something to keep me busy. On the list of places that I would love to live are Denver, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Charlotte, Austin, and DC.

4. Be a full time blogger- Blogging full time would be amazing. This would help me out with #3 as well. The thing is it’s really hard to get started as a full time blogger supporting yourself with the blog alone.

5. Get my Masters degree- Now that I work for a university it is super convenient to work towards a graduate degree.  I’m thinking this is something that I will be looking into for next fall!

To be honest though I am so happy with where things are in my life right now, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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