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Reese’s Surprise

Guys- these were the easiest cupcakes I’ve ever made and arguably the tastiest. I used a devils food cupcake mix and before putting them in the oven I placed a reese cup in the center of the cupcake. I baked them for 18 minutes at 350 degrees and let them cool for about 30 minutes […]

Fall Booties

I’ve mentioned before that fall is my favorite season for fashion. I have also mentioned before that I am not a very fashionable person. I wear what I like and what’s comfortable. Boots, booties, flats and casual sneakers are on a full rotation this season and I can’t get enough. Boots will always have a […]


This weekend Steve and I had a chance to finally check out what everyone has been talking about and Baltimore’s Star Spangled Spectacular did not disappoint! With my new work schedule and getting acclimated to working two jobs it’s been pretty hectic. On Friday  afternoon I got off work around 6:30 and raced to the […]

Oh Hey Friday!- Week 1 is over!

    You guys, this week was a GOOD ONE. It was my first week at my new job and a crazy week at that! Here are the top 5 moments from my week. 1. I had no idea how my first day of work would go and I had no expectations whatsoever. Imagine my […]

Bmore Loves You Francis

Long, long ago in the year of 1814 a man by the name of Francis Scott Key witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry during the battle of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812. He wrote a poem entitled “Defense of Fort McHenry” about the attack and in this poem were the lyrics to what […]

Birroteca Baltimore

My second event with Yelp was an Elite Event at Birroteca in Baltimore. An Elite Event is an opportunity for the Yelp Elite Members in Baltimore to come together and meet and mingle with each other. It was only my second event as the Marketing Assistant for Yelp and was a great introduction into the […]

The Friday Five Hop: International Bacon Day

Happy International Bacon Day! I live and work in downtown Baltimore and if you know anything about the city you know we have AMAZING brunch options at our restaurants. Since moving to the city 2 years ago I have made it a weekend custom to get brunch at LEAST once and I always opt for […]

Cookie Monster

I am a sucker for a cute cookie. The ones at the Starbucks counter shaped like flip flops with bright icing or the crab cookies at our local candy store are the best. I find myself picking them up for friends visiting from out of town, but then one day I realized that I could […]

Mouth Party Caramels

I love caramel and I love wine. So when I found out that my first event with Yelp was going to be a caramel and wine pairing event I knew it was going to be a good night. Yelp’s Meet the Maker is an event series where locals can visit a store or shop and […]

Being Brave

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have off this week before I start my new job at UM on Monday. I have a long list of things to get done but am excited for a few days off. I started my mini vacation with a trip to Charlotte this weekend and had the BEST time! We spent […]