Getting it right

I feel like I write this post once every few months. I want to get healthy so I dive head first into it and work hard for about a month or two and then one thing happens and I fall off the wagon. It’s usually a couple busy days of work or a fun weekend with no time to exercise or just excuse after excuse after excuse.

I’ve been talking with Steve about my health lately and I think it’s finally sticking that I need to make a life change. My father was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago and I’ve struggled with low blood sugar for as long as I can remember. In an effort to prevent myself from having diabetes I am cutting back on sugar. This has been incredibly hard since I have a pretty serious sweet tooth but so far so good. This past weekend marked two weeks since I’ve had a soda and I made smarter choices with what I was eating. I had apple slices and almond butter instead of ice cream!

This past week has been great in the eating department. I’m working on slowly integrating healthier food options into my day. I think my issue each time I failed was that I would make a huge drastic change and then crave my usual foods and cave. This time I’m trying hard to swap out some of the bad for good food and it’s working!

For breakfast this week instead of my usual everything bagel with butter I have had scrambled eggs with fruit, a half of a bagel with eggs, strawberry/banana smoothies, and fruit parfaits. The fruit parfaits are my new favorite breakfast and super easy to make! Since I’m lactose intolerant I buy dairy free yogurt and layer it with granola, strawberries, and chopped dark chocolate bits. This is an example of satisfying my sweet tooth but in a healthier way.

 photo B83DCF36-DB26-4CAA-98E6-A591CEE2F89B_zpsdnjdvpom.jpg
^^^ I haven’t mastered the art of layering yet. I end up mixing it all around anyway, no need to make it pretty

Lunch and dinner has been a little more difficult since my work schedule is crazy. I haven’t been eating traditional dinners. I did make this quinoa and veggie concoction on Monday and it was so good! Recipe HERE

 photo 357342C1-7EFA-44E8-9464-9173F2F0D9AA_zpstrqxuimr.jpg

Snacks have been the biggest improvement for me so far and the most fun! I’ve been cooking veggies and packaging them to eat as snacks, apple slices with almond butter, and my new favorite combination is pictured below. Rice cakes with a thin layer of peanut butter, topped with banana slices and a sprinkle of cinnamon. YUM.

 photo 893E9097-E0CF-4074-9BF6-3ECCFE9A349F_zpshjab6z70.jpg

Cross your fingers for the 3495934872389th time that this time I stick to the plan.

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  • Haley Junks

    Good luck! I was almost at my ONE year point of working out and then….. school happened. I was even waking up, running and doing school work and then getting myself and Alina ready for daycare and work. BUT.. I ran out of juice and suddenly working out has been pushed to the back burner of priorities right now. Sleep is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. But I’m hoping to get back into it, once I’m finished pharmacology in November! We shall see….!