Just call me princess leia

This past weekend was one for the books. It was so great to spend 4 days with my family and friends trying out Charlotte restaurants and celebrating David and Rachel. The weekend went by way too fast as expected but I’m so thankful for the time that I had with the ones I love.

I started writing out a day by day recap but no one wants to read what I did each day. Instead, here are some photos

 photo 5305B36E-F767-40DE-A843-A59B63353AF7_zpsl7drgu9k.jpg
^ We stayed at a family friends house instead of a hotel. This treat was waiting for Steve and I when we arrived!

 photo 8F2955DD-0EDF-45E7-8EB4-459071F63308_zpsaww45jam.jpg
^ We had bridal party bonding on Thursday at a super cool bowling alley called Ten Park Lanes

 photo 60CBFF82-22A2-4B1C-B3AE-184909582A74_zpsahy2n9hn.jpg
^ I loved my breakfast buddy!

 photo 273E6200-1ADB-4619-A991-DD6831D3E6B0_zpsgxfqvaie.jpg
^ My brother and me

 photo 1F7B3712-9DBB-4E59-A14B-85E81A0A726A_zpsmuok8nle.jpg
^ I loved my wedding makeup! Looook at those eyelashes!

 photo 57AD7796-4B2B-4E09-9928-F01E9E74A201_zpsnqnehffu.jpg
^ The wedding was at a botanical garden and was GORGEOUS

 photo E046DF48-30F5-48AD-A2AC-AE9D71AD947A_zpsgo2qhmud.jpg
^ The centerpieces were gorgeous

 photo 8E6D6EFC-3DC6-44C0-87DA-08329AB24690_zps6esvrpne.jpg
^ Our bridesmaids gift was this white shawl with our monogram in navy- LOVED it.

 photo 213F06F3-D9AE-452E-BBEB-F7896ABF3E49_zpsumtryptg.jpg
^ Charlotte sunsets remind me of the Wizard of Oz and the Emerald City. Do you see it?

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