Oh Hey: Halloween!

Oh hey Friday!

So today technically isn’t my Friday. I have to work a full day at UM and then work two boat cruises tonight for Yelp and am back at UM tomorrow for an evening event. I can’t complain though because this is the nature of the beast. Event planners work opposite hours of everyone else because, duh, we want people to attend our events!

In honor of Halloween (one of my top 3 favorite holidays) here are some of my top 5 most favorite/ridiculous Halloween costumes. You’re welcome.

 photo 309C86DB-2BC2-491B-8F37-F2882F36705A_zpsal18cqjm.jpg
^ Baby Dalmation

 photo 114245BE-D75B-48D3-9DD5-50B30D7A6ADE_zpssiibx5mp.jpg
^ Cinderella- I wish I still had this dress…

 photo 87D62706-5148-4141-8DD8-7EAA1D56466C_zpsazfpha5j.jpg
^ Valentino the bear. I uploaded this on Instagram  yesterday as my #TBT and it’s now the most “liked” photo on my feed. I am not sure how to feel about that…

 photo 358A9AEE-ED57-4C55-859C-7371680676F1_zpsj7jl6dmh.jpg
^ My ex and I decided to pick out each others costumes on this particular year. I wish I could find the pics of me twerking on the dance floor!

 photo 144F7C75-22EB-47D4-84BD-08E24E241BE9_zpshyn6ombr.jpg
^ Two years ago my roommates and I went as 3 Blind Mice. I just liked my hair like this, it allllll mine ladies

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