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I’m not much of a risk-taker. I don’t speed very often, refuse to eat food that isn’t cooked well done, and will never bungee jump if my life depends on it. However, over Labor Day weekend this year my family asked if I wanted to visit the Charlotte White Water Center. A visit meant a day of white water rafting, zip lining, ropes courses, etc. I am fully aware that none of that sounds risky to some people but to me I was shaking in my boots. I went with my cousins and did almost everything they did and you know what, I loved it! I may have screamed my head off but I would do everything again in a heartbeat and we are already planning a trip back next year.

So when my Yelp boss told me that an event had been planned for the Maryland version of the CWWC I was EXCITED but a little nervous as always. Our event was held in Savage, MD at Terrapin Adventures which I had no idea existed. It’s easy to get sucked into the mentality that I live in Baltimore and there is no zip lining course in the city! But just 20 minutes away there is a cute little town with a huge patch of woods and a playground of sorts for the adventurous.

We were able to take advantage of their high ropes course, giant swing, and zip line. I knew that I did not want to do the high ropes course (my slight fear of heights and lack of balance played into that decision) but I 100% wanted to do the zip line. I was not happy when we walked over to start the zip line process and I realized that their facility was designed so that the participant had to walk across a SMALL rope section to get to the zip line platform. I immediately shut down and did not want to do the zip line if it meant I had to walk across this rope. Thanks to my boss and our instructor Steve I was able to cross the rope and fly through the woods on the zip line.

But that wasn’t my big feat for the day, the giant swing was. We actually walked up to the giant swing first and my group (myself, my boss and a Yelper) were the first to go! It was one of the scariest and most thrilling things I’ve ever done. We were strapped into a 3 person seat while a machine cranked us back just like you would pull a child on a swing back before letting them go. We were 50 feet in the air when I started to seriously regret doing this! Before I had a second to think we were swinging through the air and once I got over the initial shock it was incredible. The view of the trees and leaves changing color through the woods was amazing. I want to go back and do it again as soon as possible!

Again, another event for the books and another example of pushing myself to try something new. Today, I’m thankful for opportunities that are given to me to push myself to the limit.

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  • gail

    You need to take your cousins there. I bet they’d love it!