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Today is Thanksgiving- one of my favorite days of the year. I get to stuff my face and laugh with my family and friends. I get to take the day off from work and focus on my loved ones which is, quite frankly, rare for me.

I try to be appreciative 365 days of the year but for the month of November I’ve taken the time each day to jot down something that I’m grateful for.

  1. Not one but two jobs to support my dream of living in the city. It is expensive to live in Baltimore and I am reminded every day that some have tried and have not succeeded. I am one of the lucky ones.
  2. Daylight Savings Time. I don’t like walking home in the dark at 5:30pm but I do enjoy brighter and more productive mornings.
  3. Two roommates who are not only my roommates but my friends. They are there for the good and the bad and I appreciate them.
  4. Homemade meals with my man
  5. New friends who remind me that there are surprises around every corner
  6. Chinese food delivered to the door and laughter that never ends when I spend time with Katie
  7. Co-workers who are also my friends.
  8. A boss who goes above and beyond to help mold and guide me in the direction I need to be successful. A boss who reminds me that I am strong and brave when facing a daunting task (like zip-lining) and who reminds me that I am young and to embrace this time in my life.
  9. Steve’s parents and the love that they give to me.
  10. Warmer days this winter. I hear the snow is coming
  11. Coffee
  12. Little Italy and their meatballs
  13. A flexible schedule that allows me to drink a Nutella Mocha Latte at noon before heading into work
  14. Friday nights in
  15. Steve. This guy, he has no idea how thankful I am for him.
  16. My sleeping bag jacket which allows me to walk around the city and stay toasty and warm
  17. A second boss who stands with me no matter the cost
  18. The ability to afford living in the city. Sometime’s it’s hard but 99% of the time it’s worth it.
  19. French Fries. They are so damn delicious!
  20. My parents and our daily chats and “update emails”. No matter how far we are from each other we are always together.
  21. Sleeping in
  22. Everything bagels and fresh brewed coffee. There is no better way to start each day!
  23. Wine and date nights with my man. Sometimes we get caught up in our jobs and cell phones and the struggle to keep up and be relevant. I like the nights when we focus on each other.
  24. Lactose free food. Without it I would never be able to enjoy milk and cookies, soft serve ice cream and pizza!
  25. My family. There is so much love within this little family of mine and so much support for one another. I know that there are people around me who will always be there, no matter what.
  26. The puppy boy who I finally got to see after over 2 months! I missed his sweet face.
  27. Today. The time I get to have with my family to catch up and love on one another.
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